Bundesverband für Country Westerntanz Deutschland e.V.


Deutsche Meisterschaften 2021

Infos zu den Deutschen Meisterschaften 2021 am

9. und 10. Oktober 2021 in

98617 Meiningen, Moritz-Seebeck-Allee 6, Multihalle

erscheinen nach und nach auf dieser Seite!



Turniertänze Line Dance Divisions 2021

Newcomer   Choreografie Musik  
  Waltz Fame
Betty Alart
Alcohol Of Fame
by Shane Owens
  ECS In Love
Clive Eaton-Stevens
I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today
by Blaine Larson
  NCTS True Believer
Niels Poulsen
I Believe
Diamond Rio
  ChaCha Live Forever
by Donna Caudill
I Don’t Want To Live Forever
by Zayn & Taylor Swift Remix
Novice   Choreografie Musik  
  Waltz No Matter How Far
Barbora Gabrišová
Together, Forever, Always
by LeAnn Rimes

Kind Of Wonderful
by Tim Perez

Update 03.04.2020

Some Kind Of Wonderful
Craig Wayne Boyd

As Long
by Jettie Feenstra

As Long As There’s A Heartbeat
by Tanya Tucker
  ChaCha Katchi
by Clive Eaton-Stevens
by Offenbach Vs Nick    Waterhouse Hantos DJ Remix
Intermediate   Choreografie Musik  
  Waltz How Long Will I Love You
Louis Van Hattem
How Long Will I Love You
by DJ Ice
  ESC My Big Black Cadillac
by Jonas Dahlgren
About The South
by Rodney Atkins
  WCS Love That About You
Henneke van Ruitenbeek-  Boone
ILove That About You
by Fillmore
  ChaCha You Don't Know Me
by Satu Ketellapper
You Don’t Know Me
by DJ Ice
Advanced   Choreografie Musik  
  Waltz If I Fall
by Miquel Menendez
If I Fall
by The Wandering Hearts
  ESC On A Roll
by Laura Bartolomei &
Nicola Sarale
On A Roll
by Dakota Poorman
  WCS Attention
by Shaun Parr
  ChaCha Senorita
by Emily Bouchonville-Drinkall
by Camila Cabello & Shawn  Mendes Remix
ShowCase Motion   Musik  
  1,2 Many
by Like Combs
  Smooth   Never Enough
by Kelly Clarkson
  Rise & Fall   Letting You Go
by Sara Evans
  Cuban   In These Shoes
by Kristy McCall

Call Me Mother
by Ru Paul

  Stage   Hustle
by Pink


Breitensporttänze Line Dance 2021

Beginner Motion Choreografie Musik  
  Novelty Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights
by Ivonne Verhagen
Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights
by Robynn Shane
  ECS Lollipop
by Rebecca Armstrong
My Boy Lollipop
by Millie Small
  ESC Why Don't We Just Dance
by Alexander Klinkradt
Why Don't We Just Dance
by Josh Turner
  WCS Soul Man
by Pim van Grootel
Soul Man
by Sam & Dave